Updates: Stash Busting Challenge and more!

This year I decided I was going to use up as much as my fabric stash as possible as well as my pattern stash. I have tons of fabric and hundreds of patterns, yes hundreds. Luckily, at least half were obtained through testing, blog tours and winning some. I actually won quite a few in the past 18 months. Somewhere around 30, and most from giveaways through Pattern Revolution, yep. And most of the rest were purchased as part of bundles, I have a hard time resisting a bundle deal! (Side note: luckily, they’re PDF patterns for the most part and don’t take up physical space, anywho, moving on.)

So with that said I’m taking part in a bunch of stash busting challenges this year!

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Otium Blog Tour and Giveaway!

 Otium sweater by Sofiljantes sewn by Lulu & Celeste

 Disclaimer: I received the pattern for free for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own of course!  This post contains affiliate links, which are marked with an *. That means if you click the link and buy through it, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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Girls BundleUp Tour: Gabriella Fae

Edit: March 11, 2017 Since the BundleUP sale is over, I have redirected the links to their Etsy shop.

 Disclaimer: I received the pattern for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own of course! This post include affiliate links, if you purchase something after clicking on an affiliate link I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this blog!

Pattern: Gabriella Fae by SisBoom*

Price: $10.00 (or buy as part of the BundleUP sale to get it as low as $4.00)

Size range: 12 months to 13/14 years Continue reading “Girls BundleUp Tour: Gabriella Fae”

All Spice dress by Paisley Roots

I have to admit I have a bit of a blogger crush on Karly of Paisley Roots.

I really like all the things she makes for her kids. And I love the design of her first pattern, the Saffron Twirl dress*, so when I saw her tester call for her newest dress I jumped right on it!

Meet the All Spice dress*.

All Spice dress, pattern by Paisley Roots, sewn by Lulu&Celeste

All Spice dress, pattern by Paisley Roots, sewn by Lulu&Celeste


Lots of options are packed into this dress.

Long, cap, or flutter sleeves, or sleeveless.
Originally I was going to make a long sleeve version but I didn’t have a chance (I made a booboo). So I went with sleeveless since it’s easily layerable. (Is that even a word?)


Zipper or button front closure.
I did zipper, it’s a lot faster than buttons honestly, and not too scary to do. Although, make sure you’re paying attention to how you’re pinning your zipper on otherwise you end up with a backwards zipper. (That might or might not have happened to me…)

 The pattern comes in sizes 6-12 months to 12 years. I sewed up the 12-18 months size.

We had fun with this mini photo shoot. Big sister Silly Bean was running around the yard trying to catch butterflies and the weather was just perfect! I took so many pictures that I couldn’t choose my favourites so this post is very pic heavy!


Enjoying an apple in Auntie L’s backyard


Visit the Paisley Roots blog for more details. And go to the Etsy shop to pick up your copy of the pattern. It is listed for just $7, and is on sale for 25% off until Sunday , September 7th with code ALLSPICE.


This is part of my stash busting challenge! I’ve had this fabric for about a year and half now.

Mystery Sewing Challenge ~ Morpho Butterfly

Morpho Butterfly inspired 'Sugar and Spice' Dress
Morpho Butterfly inspired dress

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click the link and buy through it, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. All opinions are 100% my own though.

I belong to a group on Facebook for crafty bloggers (art, sewing, etc) and one of the bloggers, Amy, of Friends Stitched Together, decided to organize this round of a little challenge for any crafty/sewing blogger that wanted to take part. The Mystery Sewing Challenge.

Mystery Challenge

The basic premise is after being assigned a mystery partner, we had to assign a theme for the other blogger who then had to design an item based on that theme. It’s a friendly little challenge, no prizes or anything, so it’s more of a personal challenge to go out of your comfort zone I suppose. It was a little tough. It was hard enough just coming up with a theme that would hopefully be interesting and inspiring for the other blogger let alone coming up with ideas once I got my own theme. 

Morpho Butterfly inspired 'Sugar and Spice' Dress sewn by Lulu&Celeste

So what was my theme? The Morpho Butterfly/Rainforest! (Morpho butterflies live in the Rainforest so in case I couldn’t think of anything for the butterfly I had a broader category to fall back on. Thanks Jessica for the theme!)

So I had never heard of the Morpho butterfly but after a quick Google image search I realized that I had seen pictures of them before. They are a gorgeous, brilliant blue, and I happened to have the perfect Kona cotton in my stash!

Morpho Butterfly inspired 'Sugar and Spice' Dress sewn by Lulu&Celeste
My little butterfly

At first I thought about making a skirt with faux butterfly wings (kinda like this)  but then decided I wanted it to be less of a dress up skirt and more of a real skirt to wear. So then I decided on a cute little twirly skirt with layers of chiffon to make it flowy and mimic a butterfly’s movement but I figured the layers of chiffon would just hide the beautiful blue colour. Then I was testing a cute twirly and flippy skirt that would have been perfect for what I was picturing that would work without chiffon but since the pattern isn’t being released until next week that idea was nixed as well. 

I go through this same thought process almost every time I tackle a project. (Even for test projects I have to debate fabric choices for a few days).

Morpho Butterfly inspired 'Sugar and Spice' Dress sewn by Lulu&Celeste

So I changed tactics and decided to do a dress with flutter sleeves. Ha! There are many flutter sleeve dress patterns out there but the perfect one for me was the Sugar and Spice (affiliate link) from Peek-a-boo Patterns. The morpho butterfly’s wings are edged in black and the Sugar and Spice has side panel details as well a small, square yoke that worked perfectly by making those pieces in black.

I knew I was playing with fire by making a blue dress for my pink and sparkle obsessed daughter. So I found her this pretty SPARKLY scarf (it’s part of Salwar Kameez outfit my friend gave me) that she ran around with for pictures. (Also the reason for the pink leggings she had to keep on wearing, one day soon -I hope- this child will decide she likes other colours. I’m waiting!)

Morpho Butterfly inspired 'Sugar and Spice' Dress sewn by Lulu&Celeste

After I finally had come up with that I thought I should make a raincoat as well to complete the outfit. (Hey it rains in the Rainforest right?!) But the only raincoat pattern I own needed to print out on something like 70 pages and it was running late and I just didn’t have the time to spend on putting  together that pattern. Another time!

The outfit didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned it. Next time I’ll try less writing down and drawing out my ideas and spend more time sewing them. I had really wanted a whole rainforest inspired look but the dress is all I wound up having time for. 

If you want to see a top I made with the Sugar and Spice (affiliate link) pattern you can go here. It’s a cute pattern!

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Project #5 for the  August Sewing from the Stash challenge! The black I’ve had for years and years, and the blue has been in the stash since last October. I also used the blue in this project.

Ula writes for Lulu&Celeste

Link up parties you might find me at:

Cherry Blossom dress by Mandy K Designs

Disclaimer: I received the pattern for free for testing it. All opinions are my own. The pictures are of a tester version of the dress, slight modifications may have been made in the final version.This post contains affiliate links (in this case with Craftsy). That means if you click the link and buy through it, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

The Cherry Blossom dress is the latest pattern released by Mandy K Designs (affiliate). The dress is an Asian inspired dress which features a faux front placket, a cute mandarin style collar and a ruched sash. It comes in sizes 12m to 14. (Read to the end to get the sale code!)

Lulu & Celeste: Cherry Blossom dress pattern by Mandy K Designs
Cherry Blossom Dress pattern by Mandy K Designs sewn by Lulu&Celeste

Amanda, of Mandy K Design, released this pattern as part of the Aspiring Designers Challenge which is hosted by Pattern Revolution. It’s a pretty cool challenge that encourages new designers to come out with new designs. You should check it out if you haven’t already and read about some of the lesser known designers out there. (And hint: if you want to try pattern testing following some of the “smaller” designers is your best bet since your chances of being picked are greater).

I’ve sewn/tested for Mandy K Design a few times before: The Princess Party Dress, the Tiers of Joy Dress, and the Tilt and Twirl dress (that I never got around to blogging about! whoops!). Can you tell I like her designs? 

Now, on to the Cherry Blossom!

Lulu & Celeste: Cherry Blossom dress pattern by Mandy K Designs
Trying to show that she does have a neck!

Like all of Amanda’s patterns, the instructions are very detailed and great for beginners. I would recommend any of her patterns to a newbie to sewing because of how clearly the instructions are written. More advanced sewists can probably “do their own thing” I suppose.

The trickiest bit of this pattern is attaching the collar. I still haven’t mastered collars yet. And also doing the bias trim along the armhole. Take it slowly and you should be fine.

 Lulu & Celeste: Cherry Blossom dress pattern by Mandy K Designs

There are also instructions for adding decorative buttons or frog closures on the front. Unfortunately the only frog closures I could find in the time I had to make this dress would have been way too big for this size dress. So I’m going through my vintage button collection trying to find three matching buttons. Hard work because they need to be tiny (or at least I want them to be tiny).

Lulu & Celeste: Cherry Blossom dress pattern by Mandy K Designs
If only she would have stayed looking at me! It would have been a good shot

I believe that in the final copy of the pattern the skirt will be slightly longer, hitting mid knee. (I think the issue with the length was only on a couple of the smaller sizes, the larger sizes seem to hit the knee on the testers). Although I do like this length (but a diaper cover is needed), it’s adorable and Baby V has cute little knees!

Pattern details:

  • Sizes 12m to 14 ; Chest sizes to 19″ to 31.5″
  • Includes cutting charts, finished measurement charts, and child’s size charts, fabric requirement chart
  • Pattern pieces are nested but split into two group sizes with the option to print in layers as well
  • Clear photos with each step
  • Instructions included for doing either snaps or button holes
  • Includes 18″ doll pattern
  • Main is Anisa Floral in Lavender by Hoffman Fabrics. Purchased from Fabric.com but I don’t see it on their website anymore.
  • Contrast is Kona cotton in Turquoise also purchased from Fabric.com
Lulu & Celeste: Cherry Blossom dress pattern by Mandy K Designs
Her Tiers of Joy flashback moment
Lulu & Celeste: Cherry Blossom dress pattern by Mandy K Designs
Note to self: Remove wheelbarrow from background next time
Pick up a copy of the pattern in their Craftsy shop (affiliate) or on Etsy. Until August 22nd all her patterns are 20% off! The prices are already reduced by 20% on Craftsy, or go to Etsy and use code CHERRY20 to get 20% off. And head on over to the Pattern Revolution blog to try your chance at winning a copy.
You can find Mandy K Designs on Facebook here (and the Facebook group page here) and her blog here to keep an eye out for the next pattern releases!
This project is project #4 for the August Sewing from the Stash challenge. The main fabric has been in my stash only since April whereas the turquoise has been hanging out with me untouched since last October!
See you next time!